Residential VoIP


Nathtel’s Residential service with unlimited calling to the USA, Canada and UK. Service includes your own phone number, Caller ID, Voice Mail, 3 Way Calling, Call Forward, Follow me and many other free features!
Nathtel offers Great international rates with high quality Service. You can take advantage of our great rates at any time!

Residential Basic VOIP Plan Includes:
FREE Bonus Minutes Every Month
FREE VOIP Phone Adapter & Router
Unlimited Inbound Calls
Keep Your Existing Phone Number
Best International Rates
No Annual Contract

Caller ID with Name
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
3 Way Calling
Caller ID
Online Account Management
E911 Service
Instant Call
Instant Bill Status
Forward on no Internet
In-Network Calls
Do not Disturb
Forward on Busy
Follow Me
Music On Hold
Black List
White List
Call Rejection
Virtual Number
2nd Line
2nd Phone Ringing
Local Number Portability
Speed Dial

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