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Get a virtual NTFax number . Send and receive faxes directly from your computer with NTFax virtual Internet Fax. Get a private, local or toll free fax number you can put on your business cards and web site. You can send a fax via email, or by “printing” it to the fax “printer” that we provide for you to install on your PC; once your fax is delivered you will receive an email confirmation. Incoming faxes get delivered to your email inbox as a PDF attachment.


Email to Fax:Faxing is as easy as sending an email! Just start a new email, write the cover letter message in the body, attach the document(s) you want to fax, and hit send. Your fax is on its way! Once your fax is delivered, you’ll receive a confirmation by email. PC to Fax:In addition to email, NTFax gives you another way to send a fax from your PC. Once you download and install the Internet Fax software from our web site, you will see an Internet Fax “printer” as one of the selections when you print a document. Selecting Internet Fax as the printer will cause the document to be faxed to the number you specify! You can customize the cover page and many other aspects of the look and feel of the fax.
Fax to email:When you sign up for NTFax Internet Fax, you will be given a choice of local numbers to use as your personal fax number. When someone sends a fax to that number, it gets delivered as a PDF attachment to your email inbox, where you can print it, forward it, archive it, and so on. Never miss a Fax:Inbound Faxes are always forward to Email.

You will never miss your Faxes.Pages:NTFax is a standalone product. You can purchase unlimited pages per month.Environment Friendly:No fax machine, no paper, no messy toner.

You can access your Faxes from office, home or while you are traveling.Toll-Free Number:Get a Local Toll-Free Number for your Fax.Support:Call customer support

or open a Ticket 24/7.

Available Plans are:

  NTFax 200 UNLIMITED 200 NTFax Unlimited
Pages Inbound 200, Outbound 200 Inbound Unlimited, Outbound 200 Unlimited Inbound & Outbound
1 Local Number YES YES YES
Email to Fax YES YES YES
Web to Fax NO YES YES
Fax to Email YES YES YES
Toll-Free Number NO NO YES
No Contracts YES YES YES